Wendell Hooper
Wendell Hooper
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Wendell Hooper




I’ve been cooking in Hollywood for 31 years. Starting in the comfort food kitchen of Canter’s Deli, and graduating though the perfection seeking eye of Nancy Silverton at La Brea Bakery. I honed my event skills catering on production for clients, including Ridley Scott and Herb Ritts. I’ve been a personal chef in homes so lavish the kitchen was more laboratory than hearth, and coordinated crews of staff in the bustle of commercial kitchens. I’ve traveled for clients, cooking across the States from beachside to mountain slopes.


Working with a range of culinary genres I can create a feast of American, Soul, Asian, Rustic, Vegetarian, and Macro. I believe in the style of creation; beauty, flavor, choice ingredients and a flexible nature. I find each cuisine becomes a lesson in details, the nuts and bolts of preparation; discipline, method, patience, and repetition. This is what the craft of a life over the burners demands, . . . but yields delicacies.


I’m energized by collaborating with clients, sharing my love of food, and commitment to their delight. I encourage you to invite me over, let’s sup and dine. A full belly and a contented smile is the truest determination of a chef’s worth.



Where do I begin... Cooking at the hot spots of the Grunge era, Viper room, Dragonfly, anything edgy with an air petulance and pretension. Perhaps cooking on board 1950 Sante Fe Railroad cars as they chugged across the USA. Production catering on photo shoots for Conde Nast, Ritts, Monroe, Ockenfels, Sirota. Neunsinger, private gigs for the well to do or the almost famous.

Self taught mostly, running on ego and arrogance that only youth can sustain, humbled and tempered by time, loss and desperation. Blessed with a culinary photographic tastebud, I dined, chopped and experimented my way into a workingman's career that has blossomed into discipline and adoration of the craft of service. I can lay homage not at the feet of any one teacher, but one great teacher... life.